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Fashion Designer – Hazel Orleans

Elegant designs with pops of colours. Meet Hazel Orleans the designer behind the London based brand Eki Orleans. Find out who inspires her, how she chose the name of her brand and advice on what it takes to have staying power in the fashion industry. What do you love most…

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Must Have

Faux Real!

This one’s fur all you #stylistas out there (and yes that’s the last fur related joke…like faux real) For those of you trying to stay cosy chic this winter here’s a thought…throw on  a FAUX FUR JACKET and be done with it! Ain’t nothing like a faux fur coat to really add…

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The IT List

Fancy Flats!

With summer already here it’s about time we start adjusting to VACAY MODE! Time to kick off your heels and slip in to something a little more comfortable…FLATS! Rarely do comfort & fabulous meet in the world of fashion, luckily for us these two made love and gave birth to…

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Street Style


To a self-appointed fashion guru such as myself, my worse time of year is that 2 month period between spring and summer. You see in the winter I live in thigh-high boots and leggings… In the summer sandals and sun dresses. What happens when it’s TOO HOT for boots and…

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Must Have

The White T-shirt

  It is a fact universally acknowledged that a fashionisto’s closet is incomplete without a White T-shirt. While many trends come and go the White T-shirt has remained a staple in the world of fashion, never going out of style remaining a classic clothing piece as well as handy addition…

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Must Have

New Year New Me

New Year New Me! The age old promise we tell ourselves at the beginning of each year. The myth that once the clock strikes 12 and the world yells “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” we are all somehow granted a do-over, a clean slate, a free pass to change all of last…

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Must Have

About Time!

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock BOOM-the glorious moment when tech meets fashion! Such is the the sound of the ingenious Apple Watch, the best thing to happen to wearable technology since Beats by Dre and the most dynamic accessory since well… EVER! What launched this worldwide success? You may ask. Why have so…

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Look Book

When in Doubt Buy a Coat!

I remember Marc Jacobs saying somewhere, that if you only have money to buy one thing, buy a dress, at least you’ll be dressed! Good point, but really how far can one dress take you? I would say, if you only had money to buy one look this season, buy…

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