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Hunger Busting Smoothie List

Feeling a bit #peckish ? I’m at the office it’s not time for lunch just yet, but my stomach is roaring ferociously under the safety of my blouse.  I’ve come to realise this doesn’t just happen to me, many stomachs like to do this! Even though you’ve eaten a decently portioned…

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Master Trainer-Brandon Wilson

Fitness is his LIFE making positive changes in people’s lives is his PASSION! Meet globetrotting American master trainer Brandon Wilson, sharing his favourite workout moves, why cheat day meals are an absolute no no and what type of exercises to do while your lying in bed!   When did you…

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Must Have

Get that Glow with Foreo!

Pulling off the right look takes a lot more than meets the eye… Let’s start with the basic must haves – A chanel bag, louboutin heels &  a … FRESH FACE! Adding the right primping accessories can be a real game changer not just for your look but for your beauty…

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FILM  ' Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason '  (2004)
Picture shows :  RENEE ZELLWEGER
The IT List

So You Got Dumped…DON’T PANIC!

“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all“- right? Err…WRONG! (as Donald Trump would say) Breakups are the worst! One second you’re on the express train to ‘Happily Ever After’, next you’re like totally ghosted. What To Do? You could go full on psycho and burn your…

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