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The Harrods Express

From the dazzling lights on Oxford Street to the bright red Starbucks paper cups, the long awaited Coke commercial to the blasting of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ on every station we can’t deny…it’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS! And so the chaos begins… Be it putting together…

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The IT List

Skip the Starbucks Menu!

Has any one in the history of the universe ever actually finished reading through a  Starbucks menu? Err…no because that would mean holding up the coffee-craving queue silently breathing down your neck behind you. No time for reading menus here! You make a quick order of your usual, while scanning…

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Fashion Week Giveaway!

It must’ve been love but it’s over now…#endoffashionweekblues …the Shows….the Models…the Clothes…the Colours…the Fabrics…ALL GONE! We know just what you need…a bit of retail therapy with our U-Wantit £200 GIVEAWAY!   It’s simple! Step 1  Sign up for FREE to www.u-wantit.com Step 2  LIKE our Facebook Page and SHARE the…

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