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Must Have

Say HELLO to my new BFF

We were initially an unlikely pair. I, an avid lover of all things Apple, unexpectedly gifted with a brand new Samsung S8…plus. What was I to do? I gracefully accepted the gift of course unbeknown to me that this would be in fact the beginning of a wonderful friendship. I…

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Must Have, The IT List

Stay on the BEAT

For the longest time I saw the Beats by Dre headphones as a fad, a funky fashion statement that I would, like the rest buy into but soon after forget. Unlike bell-bottoms and dragon tattoos it appears this “trend” is here to stay! Nearly 10 years in the game Dr…

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christmas stockings
Street Style

Stocking Stockers

With Christmas less than 10 days away a lot of you have already gotten your presents bought, wrapped and perched under the tree…with a little help from our ‘Don’t let Christmas Sneak Up on you‘ post (you’re welcome). For Christmas enthusiasts and Holidays whisperers this stage is all about tieing…

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Must Have

About Time!

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock BOOM-the glorious moment when tech meets fashion! Such is the the sound of the ingenious Apple Watch, the best thing to happen to wearable technology since Beats by Dre and the most dynamic accessory since well… EVER! What launched this worldwide success? You may ask. Why have so…

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Look Book

Back to School

We know the drill,  New Term New Duds Summer Break’s over and your first day back to school’s round the corner. The pressure is on and the stakes are high! Be it seeing your crush for the first time after the holidays, or debuting your new look, the big question…

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