FA LA LA LA LAAAAAA LA LA LA  LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA We all know how hard it is to shop for...

Fashion Designer - Hazel Orleans

Elegant designs with pops of colours. Meet Hazel Orleans the designer behind the London based brand Eki Orleans. Find...

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

FALL IS OVER… well factually at least because it is freezing, and to me, freezing is more like Winter....

Faux Real!

This one’s fur all you #stylistas out there (and yes that’s the last fur related joke…like faux real) For those...

Artist - Victor Ehikhamenor

Want to know the secret to mastering your craft and how a multi- award winning artist thinks? Meet international...
Look Book

Fall Faves!

What can I say…Summer’s totally overrated (for some of us who can NEVER get in shape on time) it’s all about the Autumn Season! Ahh the caramel leaves, the skeletal trees and most importantly the FASHION! The layers, the colours, the tones…what’s not to love?? Cosy jackets, Draped furs, Thigh-High…

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The IT List

Goodbye #Summerblues

  For those of you desperately clinging on to what can only be described as the shortest Summer EVER i say get over it! It’s high time we turn our ‘Work Mode’ switch on. I have put together a few tips and a list to help you beat the inevitable…

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Must Have

Work It! School It! Get It!

Phew! Thank you I was almost worried that you might find this irrelevant! September is not just for children starting school! It is a transitional period! Moving from the hot sun, dark tan, chilled cocktails (I cannot do a post without going summer crazy) to the crisp fall weather, pumpkin…

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Nitya Arora Profile Pic 1

Jewellery Designer-Nitya Arora

Bold statement necklaces and chandelier earrings galore! All the way from India meet the creative jewellery designer Nitya Arora. Featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and on Bollywood celeb royalty. Find out what inspires her, where to get her pieces from and what it takes to become an IT– jewellery designer!…

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The IT List

Hunger Busting Smoothie List

Feeling a bit #peckish ? I’m at the office it’s not time for lunch just yet, but my stomach is roaring ferociously under the safety of my blouse.  I’ve come to realise this doesn’t just happen to me, many stomachs like to do this! Even though you’ve eaten a decently portioned…

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Artist – Pilar CLergue

Say Bonjour to Pilar, a French watercolour and collage artist living in Berlin. She is a supremely talented new age feminist getting us to think about female empowerment one brush stroke at a time! How would you describe your work? Well I say that with my illustrations and collage, I…

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chiara new-york-fashion-week-street-style-primavera-2017-34_2
Celeb Buzz

5 Fav Insta Looks of the Month!

  Summer is in full blast and we’re all out and about showing off sizzling hot outfits on social media, including our favourite celebs, bloggers and style icons. For a few style tips no need to pick up the latest issue of Vogue, we’ve scrolled through some of the most…

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summer menswear
Must Have

What’s HOT! #menswear

So maybe you’re not exactly #summerready and perhaps your vacation look was the LAST thing on your mind. Maybe you were way too busy to notice your tattered Tom’s are actually sooo 2 years ago and you’re about 5 mins away from being called a has-been. As always our team’s…

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