“I am single on Valentine’s Day because I have not yet met someone who can handle all of my awesomeness”

You might not get a bouquet of flowers from a love interest, but that doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day is only for those who have a significant other. Let’s get rid of this idea that a single person has to be sad during the holiday – there’s still plenty to do and plenty of ways to celebrate! From going out with your friends to go for indoor skydiving, this is going to be your day.


1. Go On A Splashy Date With Your Friend
It doesn’t matter that you’re single today – one is not the loneliest number. And who needs a beau to go out with, anyway? You can just as easily go on a swanky date with one of your friends. Agree to dress up for each other, put on the expensive perfume you save for almost never, and go out to one of the prettiest restaurants you can nab a reservation at. It doesn’t even matter if all you can do is afford eating at the bar – this is a day of love and credit card abandon, and you’re going to act accordingly.
2. Buy Yourself The Fixings For Valentine Cocktails
They’re going to be pink and pretty and you’re going to drink them out of that one fancy martini glass you save for special guests. Put on sweatpants, a sheet mask, and get ready to whip together a whole pitcher of glittery cocktails that you can sip on as you catch up on your Netflix shows.
3. Buy Yourself A Treat Before You Go Home
This isn’t going to be just a small coffee before you run to the train. No, go to a real bakery with a fussy French attitude and get yourself something that will give you guilt – both calorie and money wise. Get a pretty cheesecake, an excessive cupcake, or a whole tiramisu- it’s up to you. It’s your day.
4. Try Something New
It’s hard to stay down if you don’t have a glass of wine you can cry into. Get off the couch and try something new that day – you won’t have time to feel sad while you’re trying out hot yoga, going to that one concert alone, buying the ingredients for beef bourguignon, or signing up for a coding class. If you have nothing to do today because you’re single, then turn it into an opportunity. Here’s your chance to get outside of your box!
5. Do That One Thing You Were Always Chicken To Do
Pitch an article to an editor, go get sushi alone, sign up for a course that takes you one step closer to that top secret dream, put on the blue lipstick, or go make the first move – whether that’s with a crush, a hobby you’ve been meaning to try, or sitting down and writing a three month plan for a goal. Take your time alone today as a chance to tackle all those things you were scared to do – because if not now, when?
6. Be A Slob
Just to be clear, this isn’t “giving up.” Being a slob is amazing and you know it. Put on your baggiest, comfiest sweatpants, order both pizza and Chinese food (who says you have to choose?) and open the door wearing a face mask. You can binge watch TV and bring the blender into the living room for your margaritas so you don’t have to pause House of Cards when your glass is empty. And all of this is 100 percent guilt free, too – why can’t you indulge in a little self care?
7. Call Someone You Love
Whether it’s your grandma or your best friend or your manicurist, take a moment out of the day to call someone you love. Because even if you don’t have a partner to go pay too much for dinner with, you’re still loved. You’re not missing anything, because you have everything.0c375daa1fe203be796b57a81ff60fdb

8. Throw a Party for Your Single Friends

Rally the single ladies in your life for a fun dinner party and vow not to talk about your latest crappy dates or Tinder matches. You’re all awesome women and should devote the evening to recognizing that. Or book a table at a nice bar and go out! I can assure you no man out with his friends on Valentine’s Day will be in a relationship!

9. Take a Relaxing Bath

Take care of yourself and your tired body on Valentine’s Day with a warm, relaxing soak. Be sure to indulge in fancy bath salts and some good tunes while you’re at it.
10. Lastly, Splurge On Your Guilty Pleasure
Is it books? Gadgets? Music or handbags? Are you a sucker for vintage home décor, or can’t control yourself when a makeup palette is in your line of sight? Today, give yourself the go-ahead to splurge on your guilty pleasure. Offer yourself a generous cap – say 50 to 100 dollars – and just go wild buying yourself whatever falls in that category. It’s a holiday after all. And who watches money on holidays?
Happy Valentine’s Day! and don’t forget to bid on our Valentines Day Credits for FREE to score a chance to spoil yourself even more 🙂