We were initially an unlikely pair. I, an avid lover of all things Apple, unexpectedly gifted with a brand new Samsung S8…plus. What was I to do? I gracefully accepted the gift of course unbeknown to me that this would be in fact the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

I begrudgingly opened the magnetic black box and there she was. I must admit I was intrigued by this slim sleek specimen glistening in midnight black I had to see what it could do. I waited with eager anticipation whilst it was charging; finally the glimmering Samsung logo appeared and tah dah,  a match made in heaven was born!

I have to say the phone and I have been inseparable ever since, so much so that my boyfriend has become jealous! Lol it’s pretty much the first thing I pick up in the morning and the last thing I see before bedtime. 3 days within our courtship it actually asked me, “You seem to wake up at 7am would you like me to set up and alarm for you?”. I mean how considerate is that?? 

Manners aside, this phone is nothing short of P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N; like there’s no other word for it and here’s why:

1.Aesthetic Design

The gorgeously sleek black design gets me a jealous glance every so often at work (it also comes in Arctic Silver & Rose Gold).  The size, despite my usual aversion to massive phones, fits just right in my hand. Don’t even get me started on the lovely dramatic edge to edge design that allows the screen layout to take off most of the real estate of the phone! Once it’s on sleep mode it shows both the time and date in bold THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


2.Facial Recognition

Ok I must admit, one of my favorite things about the Samsung S8 is the Facial recognition! I mean there’s nothing more awkward than having to put one’s password covertly in a public place. THANK YOU SAMSUNG (I literally can’t stop saying thank you) for this awesome feature! With facial recognition you don’t have to use your fingers. Provided your face is within any vicinity of the screen, it just opens and this technology beats any other I’ve seen before because it even works with and without my glasses on. I mean, how amazing is that??



There’s something slightly hypnotic about the HD visuals on this bad boy! The gloriously bright and colorful screen will keep you scrolling on Insta for days; you can thank the 6.2” Quad  HD + Super AMOLED (2960 x 1440) display with 529 ppi for that! Samsung offers us the world’s first infinity display stretching from edge to edge “giving you the most amount of screen with the least amount of space”, it’s what we call an uninterrupted, immersive experience  


4.Battery Life

Okay so the battery life on this is impeccable; I mean after a full 8 hour day of work plus a quick bite to eat with the girls, this phone will still be on 30% batt. There are some days when I can’t even find my charger and it doesn’t even matter because this phone will see you through regardless of the number of apps you’ve got open.



Now for the BEST thing about this device…the camera. You tell me what’s more important than taking a good selfie??
This camera has  built in editing lens that hides all the discoloration or blemishes without fading out your pictures. Colours look brighter somehow; the HD quality makes the subject of the lens almost touchable – its simply MESMERIZING!


Perfect visuals, stunning camera, ground breaking effects aside, this is a phone that keeps on giving! Don’t even get me started on the cute accessories you could style your phone with, or the awesome gear you can purchase to transport you to a virtual reality. Let’s not forget the fact that this phone was designed to be accessible to ALL, thanks to Bixby voice recognition.

 Jealous yet? No need lol! When you’re on tech BARGAINS are everywhere!


Happy Bidding!