This one’s fur all you #stylistas out there (and yes that’s the last fur related joke…like faux real)
For those of you trying to stay cosy chic this winter here’s a thought…throw on  a FAUX FUR JACKET and be done with it!
Ain’t nothing like a faux fur coat to really add some GLAM to your wardrobe!
Rarely do comfort and style meet when it comes to fashion but I have to say these coats are the exception! What’s not to love?? – They’re on trend they’re in style and they’re OH SO COSY! adding that extra pezaz we all crave to an otherwise dull, dreary winter. This coat has been around quite frankly since the dawn of time.  A clothing item which was once a means of survival soon transcended to a MUST-HAVE style piece particularly back in the Old Hollywood era of the 40s.
The coat was a sign of wealth and luxury, worn for instant status among society’s elite. It signified success, distinction and a little snobbery, draped over the shoulders of the rich, classy and famous for the WOW factor rather than an item of clothing for warmth prompting Ken Downing’s famous quote.


Fast forward to present day and the world has tossed out the REAL for the FAUX. Yup it’s 2017 and being enlightened is totally in!
Now just about anyone can own a fur coat (faux that is… for fear of getting shunned by the ruling millennials) The style is less distinctive as a symbol of wealth and status and is way more accessible to the general public.
The fur quote is a friend to many proving a cosy comfort to all ages, shapes and sizes.
What was strictly suitable for evening attire now works almost anywhere. Worn with mini skirts, fishnets, jeans or even nothing underneath, this day and age ANYTHING GOES and the fashion world is game!

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