This one’s for all you last minute.comers 
Yup…another year’s gone by and once again you’ve got NOTHING to wear for your annual seedy #halloween bash…sigh** what to do??  I know I know! Do what I do EVERY YEAR! throw on a pair of animal ears and call it a day… in the words of the iconic Karen SmithI’m a mouse DUH!”


You see the trick to being BASIC is to figure out how to wear the least amount of clothing and still be considered in costume (hehe I win every year). As the welcomed Autumn leaves flow in upon the early whispers of Fall I begin to ponder…what cliched look will I style this year?
It’s simple! All you need is a cute headset and an adorable skimpy dress SORTED! Don’t freak out these basic looks aren’t restricted to bunny ears, you could easily be just as basic with a mask or any creepy like accessory to go with your simple black t-shirt and jeans it’s so EASY!

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Happy Halloween!