Time for fluffy sweaters…
….and warm coffee, and answers to the standard questions that plague us all…. what to wear!?

While some people find this in-between liberating and a change to experiment with fashion, I am torn between a cozy sweater and flip flops!

Surprisingly I am so lazy when it comes to shopping, I prefer having someone look through all the websites and tell me *you will like these now buy*.

So for you today, I will go above and beyond I will provide you with a complete shopping haul and fashion inspiration!

So when your day starts off freezing but by mid afternoon you are under a sweltering sun it is a serious issue (do not scoff at me I can see you!)

So grab your pumpkin spice latte, big cozy blanket, and credit card and let’s get serious!

As you might have noticed fluffy big sweaters are back in style and I am so excited they have bought these back from the 90s! A few other things that have and should become a staple in your closet are

*silks, velvets, fur, leather

Spice it up!

(but i’ll get to that in the next post) 

NEXT STEP: for those days where a long sleeve top just won’t cut it, but neither will a coat… I present the OVERSIZED CARDIGAN…


I am not exagerating when I am saying it is a staple in any closet:


Fall is the BEST time for cosy sweaters and SKINNY JEANS!






Please do me a favor though, step away from pointless “fashion rules” these do not apply to us, you can wear shoes that do not match your belt and your bag, and *GASP* white after labor day oh the horror!!!!!

MARC-JACOBS-Alpaca-and-wool-blend-coat My friend Mr. Jacob appears to have the right idea about winter white!

See! Just because summer is over does not mean we can enjoy the cold!!

These are a few of my favourite looks, hope this gives you some inspiration and an excuse to get them all with a selection of gift cards you can get for a bargain, over here.

Happy Bidding!