What can I say…Summer’s totally overrated (for some of us who can NEVER get in shape on time) it’s all about the Autumn Season!
Ahh the caramel leaves, the skeletal trees and most importantly the FASHION!
The layers, the colours, the tones…what’s not to love??
Cosy jackets, Draped furs, Thigh-High boots and Fishnets galore! HELLO DOLLY

Here’re 10 Stylistas who’re giving us major #FallEnvy

10. @halliedaily

halliedaily-instagram IMG_3143 IMG_3139

Step 1 Accessorize!
My favourite thing about @hallidaily’s is her love for simple understated accessories
You’ll find these little additions elevate your outfit to iT-Girl status, all it takes is a cute Dior bag, a  cinched Gucci belt and a pair of Cat-Eye La Perla shades and a Motown hat to jazz things up a little!



IMG_3135 IMG_3210 IMG_3133

Now ladies we can learn a thing or two from Soraya de Carvo De Carvalho. She’s a rare stylista who dressed entirely for herself and her wardrobe screams C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E
Her style is hella dramatic which is what her fans respond to. There’s never a dull moment reading ‘styleismything.com‘ with her unique sense of style as well as her eclectic outfits- better believe her Fall style is no exception!

Chanel 255


IMG_3130 IMG_3131 IMG_3129

This blonde bombshell gives me life!
Anna Romanova sets the tone for what the Autumn season is all about- laid back jackets, loose tartan suits, gucci slides and thigh-highs!



IMG_3120 IMG_3126 IMG_3122

The Road Island Royal Sarah Vickers A.K.A Classy Girls Wear Pearls is undisputably the queen of all things preppy giving us Ralph Lauren catalogue vibez one post at a time! Our very own modern day Jackie’O delivers preppy perfection from her vintage Gucci loafers to her tweed jacket, her cosy sweaters – ALL ESSENTIAL to FALL



IMG_3070 IMG_3072 IMG_3073

Now Shannenjai presents the perfect example for the modern take of the Fall season. For those of you who aren’t major fans of the traditional ideals of Autumn she’s your girl- follow her ASAP.
Her style appeals to our inner tomboy yet remains feminine and sexy!



IMG_3095 IMG_3098 IMG_3099

A most appropriate name I must say!
This iconic duo are the stuff of style daydreams with their gorgeous looks and killer wardrobe [x2]
Bec and Marissa Karagiorgos have been slaying since 2013 with their fashion forward pieces taking Street Style to a whole other level always teaching us a lesson or two during autumn, famously quoted saying “As the skies get darker so do our outfits” P.S Bold reds and Leather blacks should be added to your shopping carts this season!



IMG_3116 IMG_3119 IMG_3115

Dubbed the queen of mirror-selfies, Lissy Roddy‘s easy relatable style has been on the top of my gram-stalk list for my town now. I must admit it’s less of an obsession with her and more with her SHOE COLLECTION.
The moment I discovered her love for ankle boots I was like YASS #soulsister
These are ideal for Fall, they pretty much go with everything, from a floaty skirt, a pantsuit or even a pair of distressed jeans, these booties will take you far!




rosie-londoner-1 the-londoner rosie-londoner

The gorgeous English Rose Rosie Thomas A.K.A The Londoner has been a style crush of mine for a while now. Her easy elegance , classic wardrobe as well as that cheeky glint in her eye is one of the many reasons she’s stapled as a British Blogger to watch. More importantly, quoting ELLE magazine- She has one of the best legs on #thegram!



Chriselle-Instagram-fall Chriselle-Instagram Chriselle-Instagram-autumn-style

Okay so I’ve been following Chriselle‘s career from the beginning , starting out as a stylist, blossoming into a trendsetter, outfit-inspirer, lifestyle expert and  beauty authority- A DIGITAL ICON
I admire her ‘all things chic‘ approach to style and have tried (emphasis on tried) to emulate her clean cut look on many occasions ESPECIALLY for fall! Chriselle is famous for her slinky layers, understated elegance and has actually nailed Fall consistently for years.
From her stunning original content to her fun and flirty outfits her YouTube subscriber list is getting RIDICULOUS




Fisayo-Longe-mirror-me Fisayo-Longe-fashion Fisayo-Longe-Style

Fisayo Longe is an influencer in every sense of the word.
From her outstanding blog to her impressive following AND her popular fashion line KAI COLLECTIVE this girl has without a doubt made her mark in the industry, not only in her native country Nigeria but also in Europe!
While I remain envious of her summer lookbook it’s her fall #ootd’s I look forward to every year.
Her style is Sleek and Sexy and very Autumn appropriate, she loves her dark tones, Knitted crop tops, slender Louboutins and heeled boots- She’s our millennial Carrie Bradshawe with a kick!
The london based stylista will keep us hooked one outfit at a time and I must say we aren’t complaining.


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Happy Bidding!