2013 Shay Cochrane

2013 Shay Cochrane

For those of you desperately clinging on to what can only be described as the shortest Summer EVER i say get over it! It’s high time we turn our ‘Work Mode’ switch on.
I have put together a few tips and a list to help you beat the inevitable #summerblues
It’s time to #GirlBoss the hell outta your worklife!

Get Creative Get Inspired Get Motivated and most importantly…Werk iT!



While I may not be a crazed coffee addict (and yes I’m in denial) I must admit there’s nothing better than a warm cup of coffee to look forward to in the morning. haha actually there is something that tops that! A warm cup of STARBUCKS for less when you click HERE– #coffeefirst

2. A Revamped Office Space

office space

Whether you work from home or own your office space it’s super important that your work area keeps you #motivated. You’d be surprised the rejuvenating effects of a quirky styled mug, a framed inspirational quote or brightly coloured removable wallpaper has on the soul!

3. A KILLER Work Wardrobe

Now there’s a quote I absolutely swear by “Dress for the job you want” – the magic of a well planned out #ootd 
I 100% believe that if you project success you attract success…and how best to project success with a little superficialite- a killer work wardrobe can take you places you’ve never imagined!
A crisp Zara shirt, a sleek pair of Louboutin heels and a lovely Louis Speedy are essential pieces to all #mogulsinthemaking



4. A Macbook Air

Macbook-Air-PolyvoreYh…you need one…like yesterday!

5. Quirky Office Geer

When it comes to your #workflow accessories, one must never be dull! Jazz it up with a polka dotted laptop sleeve, a golden stapler (cuz why the hell not!?), some glossy stationery and some fierce folders! Who ever said the life of a workaholic was all doom and gloom clearly didn’t know where to shop! (We’re super obsessed with Skinny Dip as you can see)


Okay so a major part of the#girlboss lifestyle is ALWAYS being on point. One can hardly expect to be a well rounded human being with one’s schedule all over the place. Get your meetings/mani-pedis/dates in check with a personalised organiser. Doodle your daydreams in a journal or even a notepad. Heck I have like 4 just for scribbles alone and why not they’re super cheap and cute!


Kick your Work Flow into high geer when you shop on U-Wantit.com

Happy Bidding!