Thank you I was almost worried that you might find this irrelevant! September is not just for children starting school!

It is a transitional period! Moving from the hot sun, dark tan, chilled cocktails (I cannot do a post without going summer crazy) to the crisp fall weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and tall boots or, in serious terms, Vacation to Work, or School to University! University to Work! September is the season for new starts!

So regardless of whether you start work after a relaxing vacation, or starting school you cannot begin without the #essentials

One MUST-HAVE is a laptop and I am not tooting U-WANTIT’s horn here….. but the laptops on the site are absolutely ideal for hauling around

One prime example is the 11 inch Macbook Air! Might I say the last one was sold for £4.23! (ITS WORTH  £1,200)

A second lightweight option is the Lenovo Yoga 710 Convertible Laptop

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 17.01.52

But if you already have a laptop a trendy new bag to hull around all your supplies is a must have buy!

The Michael Kors Jet Set Travel tote is a great option for the perfect mix of trendy and sophisticated! From class to work to the nearest bar for happy hour!


Although… if you are a traditionalist there are backpack options  that will complete your study *look*

  1. Louis Vuitton Backpack
  2. Kenzo Neoprene Backpack
  3.  MCM Stark Backpack
  4. Gucci GG supreme

blog bacpack Untitled-1

Now… to the fun part…. accessorizing!!!

You will need wireless beats for sure! from the classroom (we’ve all done that) to gym!

On another note, have you seen all those cool gold office supplies? A #girlboss sign? My mother actually has a “she who must be obeyed” sign in the kitchen.

So now that you’ll have  yourself accessorized to the brim…. now to the real issue:


I recommend one clear piece of advice… Time Management

Daily Planners, Pinboards, Monthly Planners and write everything down! Sit for 2 hours a day and get a plan set out either for the day or the week!

No matter how spontaneous you may be you never want to miss that Meeting (*cough* I might be guilty of that) or that Assignment that was given a month in advance!

Stick to your schedule and you can finally be stress free!!!

planner sg-stationery-the-paper-bunny


You can thank me later when you get those straight A’s or that promotion!

Happy Bidding!