Hello ladies! 


We are in the throws of summer with the sun seeping into our skin! (except me. It is freezing in Chicago and I have been nothing short of whiny and temperamental, but at least I have you guys to keep me sane)

Back to the issue at hand, I was talking to my lovely friend the other day about working out and losing weight (whether or not we consider ourselves to be perfect we all would say “I would love to lose a few pounds”, “Ugh I wish this arm/leg/stomach was tighter!”) and she had the AUDACITY to tell me “Magen, it is already summer there is no reason to get fit now. It is just too late.”


FIRST OF ALL ITS NEVER TOO LATE. “But Magen, fall is around the corner”, Yes, I agree, it is around the corner, do you know what else is? Its Christmas, you know that holiday where most of us love flying to warmer climates….where you guessed it! ITS HOT AND YOU HAVE TO WHIP OUT THAT SWIMSUIT! Or how about those staying in colder climates and going skiing? A ski suit flatters no one, it is your choice, be athletic and leithe in a head to toe glamorous jumpsuit….. Or be the Michelin man.ski snow5

As you know this is the standard I-did-not-fall-I-always-sit-on-the-mountain-like-this-pose

So….. While my whiny rant is not motivating….. A little bit of shopping goes a long way… Wouldn’t you say so too?

Shopping is a type of cardio after all especially when it’s on U-Wantit! Just wait till your bidding on something in the last few minutes, your heart will do back flips I guarantee it.

Now something that pushes me when I am at the gym is my Fitbit!

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 16.42.59

THATS THE WRONG TIME. ITS ACTUALLY TIME TO GO GET A FITBIT…….. and yes, I do laugh at my own jokes……

I like see how hard or how little I am pushing myself and think to myself OH IT IS WORKING!!!!!

What is a good answer to the timeless question of what do I wear though…….

You want to stay comfortable, fashionable and of course

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 16.55.01
You can get all these and more with a Nike Gift Card in Reveal The Price, which (as you should know by now) is a price drop. The price goes down with every click!

Or you can always get those Stan Smiths that are perfect for weight lifting…

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 17.02.38

You see if you have half the accessories and are already wearing the clothes, you are half way there…

I will tell you my little secret too…. the U-wantit Victoria Secret gift card can get you get quality leggings too!
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Now to the technical bit,  you have your clothes and your accessories!

What now? Well you can start of with some of my favourite workout moves that get me going no matter what mood I’m in… or just simple running to get moving!

You do not need fancy accessories, weights or any other accessories to stay fit! All you need is a smile and a little push!

  1. So if you cannot go outside and run walk or skip you can always jump rope right in the comfort of your own home!
  2. or you can go even more old school with jumping jacks
  3. Now I will just give you some ideas and you can choose what you can focus on:
  4. Abs: Push ups! (Personally I hate them, but that’s because I cannot do it!) If you are like me I think you will like these suggestions -These are slightly easier than your old standard push-ups we used to do in P.E!
  5. Squats!They are a full body workout!You can start off with these if your balance needs work. If you are a little more advanced, try this!

You can thank me later when you have your own revenge body!

Happy Bidding!