Say Bonjour to Pilar, a French watercolour and collage artist living in Berlin. She is a supremely talented new age feminist getting us to think about female empowerment one brush stroke at a time!

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How would you describe your work?
Well I say that with my illustrations and collage, I try to deconstruct my imagination in an aesthetic way. I try to create new ways of perception and try to get people thinking. I like to include pop rock themes and they are kind of gender related as well. I like to explore the power of women and how they are perceived in society. Sometimes women are seen more as objects rather than someone with a personality. So I try to make people think about that through my art.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I would say fashion inspires me a lot and women with personalities! But also everyday life and the chaotic ways of our society.

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When you say fashion who in fashion inspires you?
My favourite designer , I would say is Vivienne Westwood. I feel she plays a lot with deconstructed clothing, she always has very interesting stuff and I like her personality a lot. She is a very strong woman.

How long does it take for you to create each piece?
It depends how big they are but maybe for big ones up to 2-3 weeks and for a small one, just one day. I use pencils, markers and watercolors, these are basically my tools and collage materials of course.


When did you realise you were an artist?
I think I realized when I lived in London for 5 years that I was inspired a lot by art and fashion but really what made me realise I was an artist was during my traveling in San Francisco. I worked for an artist  in a gallery.  I was assisting the artist and it made me realise that I was someone who likes to create.

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Who is your favourite artist?
Hmm..I don’t know. I’d have to think and get back to you on that one. There are so many images and artists I love, it’s hard to pick a favourite.

Do you remember the very first image or piece of art that made an impression on you?
I think the very first one was when I went to a Picasso exhibition in London. There were a lot of inspirational pieces of course but maybe Nude Woman With Turkish Bonnet, I really like that piece.


Picasso- Nude Woman With Turkish Bonnet

Do you find that the different cities you’ve lived in inspire your work or do you feel creative wherever you are?
I think I can be creative wherever I am, but in cities I would say there are definitely many more centers of inspiration because there is always so much art you see many things when you go out. Nowadays I feel it is easy to find inspiration, you can go online and see other peoples work, but if you have a choice it is always better to see the real pieces.

What was the last exhibition you went to?
 I can’t remember the name, it was in Perpignan, in the South of France. It was a very interesting exhibition with a lot of artists, very cool.

Whats your favourite colour: I like blue! I use a lot of blue, I feel it goes with a lot of colours

What is the one tech item you can’t live without: My iphone

iphone 7 last sold for £3.42

What is you favourite handbag: My Chanel Bag

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What bargain do you wish you got on
 The PS4 Pro that sold for £1.69, for my boyfriend Marius.

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To view more of her work, follow Pilar on intsagram @pilarrius and you can buy her fabulous pieces here.