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Summer is in full blast and we’re all out and about showing off sizzling hot outfits on social media, including our favourite celebs, bloggers and style icons. For a few style tips no need to pick up the latest issue of Vogue, we’ve scrolled through some of the most followed Instagram accounts and picked out our summer faves. Get some of these exact pieces (for a bargain of-course) or check out some of our budget friendly substitutes.

  1. Dip your toes in to getting a similar look to the infectiously sunny @lupitanyongo, with pieces from ASOS and Sunglass Hut.

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2. @chiaraferragni stylishly pulls off a cross between tom boy and  fashion it girl. That exact Louis Vuitton phone case is available here, and the substitutes are on ASOS.

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3. Accentuate those curves and dare to wear white like @theashleygraham. House of CB has tons of bodysuits and Net-A-Porter is a belt haven.

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4. Instagram hot stud making it look so easy @nick_bateman (here’s the dogs instagram @joey_bateman, brace yourself for how many followers he has). You can’t go wrong with a combo from ASOS, Sunglass Hut and Mr Porter.

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5. @gigihadid never puts a fashion foot wrong. Fashions super model darling is giving off some serious floral vibes and you can too. I adore Cat-Eye Sunglasses, but the Dolce and Gabbana specs from Sunglass Hut add a little drama on the handles.

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Happy Bidding!