So maybe you’re not exactly #summerready and perhaps your vacation look was the LAST thing on your mind. Maybe you were way too busy to notice your tattered Tom’s are actually sooo 2 years ago and you’re about 5 mins away from being called a has-been.
As always our team’s all about keeping you in the know of what’s iT, what’s hot  & what’s fresh in the world of fashion and this summer’s NO exception!
My mother often says (whilst restructuring my entire outfit) “fashion is a serious business“. What often looks thrown on is IN FACT a calculated curation of #essentials put together by fashionistas/os, a talent bestowed unto some and learned by others (I’m still very much a student in this department)
You’ll find joining the ranks of these gurus doesn’t take much, with a little effort you could dress like a pro.
We’ve decided to go right back to the basics on this one. Let’s start from the very beginning with the core essentials you’ll definitely need this season to keep you cool when its HOT!… Don’t forget we’ve taken the time to offer the very best for a #bargain so don’t miss out on our top picks only a click away on the site (you’re welcome btw)

Here’re a few MUST-HAVES to have you kitted out for the summer!


The Tee


You can’t go wrong with a simple Tee…I mean these designer pics are certainly the way to go for the season. Just think of all the barbecues you’ll get invited to alone…it’s a no brainer!      The Shades

Beat the heat and stay Shady with these! Even if the rest of your look is off there always a redeeming factor to a good pair of sunglasses! They have that magical quality that somehow makes an outfit look more expensive…without trying to hard of course.      The Sneaks

adidas Now I’m not a major fan of sneakers in summer I must admit but the Adidas Stan Smiths are simply the coolest. They have a quiet elegance about them that sort of smartens up a look which is strange considering trainers ordinarily do the opposite. A favourite of the iconic Pharrel Williams these are definitely the way to go for that comfortable yet edgy look we all need this season.The Shorts


DO NOT be afraid to show a little leg this summer bare all in these shorts to give your outfits a little fun!-why the heck not? The word is out and LEG is IN!

The Chinos


Ever been invited for an event with the dreaded dress code ‘Smart Casual’ ? Yeah…you need these for sure.
These are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. If you don’t own a pair of Chinos already you better get bidding. Best get the best of the best on these cuz it’s all about the perfect fit when it comes to chinos. They’re the classy completion to a gentleman’s casual attire and tbh what else are you gonna play croquet in?     The Polopolos

For those of you who’ve been slaving at the gym all winter this one’s for you! (If you’re like me and avoided any form of exercise all together there’s a long sleeve option available). The Polo and the Chinos go hand in hand, otherwise known as the lazy shirt with all the perks that come with it! A comfortable yet smart option for this hot season.

The Shirt


Naturally I’ll assume you all have a crisp white shirt tucked away for impromptu dates or whatever (If you don’t stop reading this and get clicking) Another option is to add to a little colour to your wardrobe with a cool ‘Polo Ralph Lauren‘…such a CLASSIC, you could opt for a fun floral or even a pastel stripe!

The Slides

Gucci -Slides

I’d usually give you more options but c’mon these are just the way to go. The Gucci slides are what’s in right now!
Just what you need for your beach days, pool parties or simply lounging at your place in style. Why not slide into BARGAIN on the site while you’re at it!

The Credits

Well how else are you gonna get in on all these Designer goodies for LESS?


Happy Bidding!