Get ready for a fun class, with lots of music, sexy empowering dance moves and a lot of sweat!
Meet Bami Kuteyi the founder of an Afro-Caribbean Dance fitness class called Bam Bam Boogie and let her take you on a ride that’ll leave you thinking you’ve just worked out like Rihanna and Beyonce combined!

What is Bam Bam boogie?

Bam Bam Boogie held it’s first class at one of largest tech companies in the world on May 5th 2016, ever since it’s been a huge hit around the world, having traveled to Brazil, London, Vegas and Toronto. Bam Bam Boogie is an Afro Caribbean inspired dance fitness workout that  pairs traditional fitness movements with traditional afro caribbean dance styles to the beat of contemporary afrobeats, dancehall, reggaeton, soca and hip-hop. Bam Bam Boogie fosters an environment of diversity and inclusivity. ANYONE and EVERYONE is welcome to Bam Bam Boogie.

How did you come up with this fabulous idea?

Bam Bam Boogie kind of just came to me one day. I was on a personal journey at the beginning of 2016 and I knew I wanted to get into shape at the gym but I found gym sessions quite boring and demotivating. It seemed like every time I would go to the gym there wasn’t really anyone else there who looked like me I just felt a bit uncomfortable. So I thought to myself there must be other people who feel the same way as I do about the traditional gym environment. This is when I made the personal goal of designing a fitness environment that is diversity focused class and would encourage all walks of life to be able to get fit in a safe environment whilst having fun at the same time and this is how “Bam Bam Boogie” was born. #GETLITGETFIT

When did you realise you had a passion for fitness?

I had a personal trainer (Danielle) for about 3 months at the end of 2015 her story of beating obesity really inspired me. Training with her I really started to see results and began to get excited about leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

How long does it take for you to come up with a routine?

It really depends on what I am preparing the routine for. I remember when I first started it would take me at least 4 hours to come up with a routine and class schedule for a weekly 45 minute session. When I am preparing for large events such as corporate team building, Black History Month Workshops or live performances it usually takes much longer as I need to cater to that specific audience. But nowadays it only takes me about 2 hours to come up with a routine for a regular class!

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What did you do before Bam Bam Boogie?

Before Bam Bam Boogie I was doing the same thing I am doing now ahah! I work full-time as an Online Specialist at Google EMEA HQ in Dublin.


What advice would you give to anyone starting a new venture?

I would tell them to just go for it! If you have any business idea that you want to pursue just go for it – the only thing that is holding you back is yourself. With the internet these days you don’t have to have any credentials to get your foot in the door. If you are feeling nervous reach out to someone in the industry you want to get into – get some advice and maybe even ask them to be your mentor.


How often do you workout by yourself?

These days I rarely workout by myself as there is always someone who wants to boogie with me – even when I’m just practicing for a class.

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What is your favourite workout move?

The “Bam Bam Boogie Roll” of course! It engages your core, glutes and legs all in one and it’s so much fun. You start by assuming a deadlift position with your hands on your knees and then you start rolling your hips whilst keeping your stomach tight and sticking out your bum. It’s my go to workout move especially when I’m in a rush – you can find a full video tutorial of the “Bam Bam Boogie Roll” on our Facebook Page


What is your least favourite?

Oh Gosh! My least favourite workout move has to be lunges! They are a great workout to get your legs in shape but I find them so boring and repetitive.


What has been your proudest moment with Bam Bam Boogie?

My proudest moment for Bam Bam Boogie thus far has to be the first class I held this year in Toronto. I moved to Toronto when I was 13 and lived there for about 8 years, I really struggled at the beginning to make friends and fit into the culture. But once I finally did… leaving at 21 was really difficult, so to return to the place that I grew up as an entrepreneur was a very proud moment for me personally. The class sold out, it was just such good vibes to hear people that I haven’t seen or spoken to in years say how proud they are of my accomplishments, it’s a priceless feeling.


What’s your favourite song to workout to?

Currently I am playing Iskaba by Wande Coal on repeat!


What is your favourite fitness quote?

“You have to do what other’s don’t to get where others won’t”


Who is your fitness guru?

@brittnebabefitness she’s such a Queen, who slays lives effortlessly through her passion for fitness, she inspires me on the daily- ultimate #goals

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What is the one tech item you can’t live without?

Definitely my MacBook Pro literally everything is on it my music, videos, social media, messaging – basically my life!


What is the one handbag you can’t live without?

To be honest I don’t really carry handbags because I am always on the go! My “Handbag” would probably be my Heys travel luggage set.


What  are the one pair of shoes you can’t live without?

My Nike Air Maxes! If I could I would get them in every design possible.

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What bargain do you wish you got on U-Wantit :

I wish I got the iPhone 7  for £3.42 – that’s a crazy bargain!

iphone 7 last sold for £3.42

For more information about Bami and Bam Bam Boogie check out her Instagram page HERE and her Facebook page HERE

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