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What you might not know about me is I left my sunshine filled country of Greece and I have now moved to Chicago.

 (I deeply believe that my body solely runs on caffeine and sunshine)

So, I am happy to say that finally, after a long winter Summer is FINALLY here.

Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, yada yada you know the jist.

I went in search of the perfect tanning solutions and I just have to share my finds with you!
For those of us who want to avoid burnt skin at all costs I highly recommend higher SPF, it gives you 3x the protection! SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and it tells you how long you can stay in the sun without getting sunburnt

For example, if you get sunburnt within 10 minutes of staying in the sun without sunblock and you decide to use SPF 15, 15×10=150 minutes of sunblock without sunburn. However, it is highly recommended you reapply sunblock every 2 hours instead.

Love staying in the sun? I recommend the following

 1.La Mer Protecting Fluid


It keeps your skin supple, soft and protected.

 I am going to share my secrets with you, when I do not have time to tan, I like to cheat a little.

The best full-proof products are:

2 a) Tan-Luxe- The Facetan001_tanluxe_theface_lightmedium_1560x1960-hxvd4

All you do is add it to your moisturizer or your foundation and VOILA, a perfectly naturally glow!

b) NARS Monoi Oils



Perfect for a night out on the town!images (1)

3.  Lastly,  I must share my biggest secret….. Balibody!

This organic Australian brand is the reason I can function during the summer.

The oil fuels me.

I am being melodramatic.

BUT. IT. IS. THAT. GOOD. download

They provide you with a moisturizing tan, sunscreen and a tanning oil in their bundles.

The smell is mesmerizing.

and the tan…. oh the tan…..12523721_745278652238330_1332583295_nFLAAWWWWLESSSSSS

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Happy Bidding!