When you think of fashion jobs, the roles that come to mind are usually designer, blogger, stylist but what about the geniuses behind the iconic looks from our favourite shows and classic movies. Here to tell us about the wonderful world where  fashion and film collide, is award winning costume designer Sylvia Akuchie all the way from Atlanta!

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What do you love most about being a costume designer?

The most amazing part of being a costume designer is that I get to creative and build characters. I truly enjoy bringing a character to life through visuals and costumes. Being able to have individuals see themselves as another individual from a screenplay is absolutely amazing. #characterbuilding

You have a degree in economics, why did you transition into costume design and how did you go about it.

My transition into Costume Design was very interesting. I began in college 13 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia. All of my schoolmates were in the creative industry and I was curious to find my niche as well. I always loved fashion so it wasn’t too hard to get in where I could “fit in”.

I began interning with various stylists and Costume Designers in town and eventually found my own path and began my company “Eyekon Styles”.

Who is your favourite costume designer and why?

Patricia Fields is my favourite Costume Designer to date. I adore her because she went against the rules and was able to bring high fashion, Avant-garde details and personal style to television. She is just absolute legendary!


What is your favorite fashion quote?

“Trends Fade, Style is Forever”

What is the one movie, you think every costume designer should watch?

This is very distinctive and can vary depending on personal perspective. I have two films I think every costume designer should watch “Sex and The City” for fashion and “Dynasty” for period costumes.

What advice would you give to anyone who wanted to become a costume designer?

Study fashion, study Icons, understand fabrication and design, get a full understanding of character building, and the film making process.

Is there a big difference between fashion design and costume design?

Costume designing and fashion designing are two completely different entities.
Costume design is all about storytelling through clothes using palettes, textures, colours and patterns.
Giving each character  of a movie or television show a look and building on their particular role to display to the audience. It’s all about character building and giving total transparency through the clothing.

Fashion Designers normally design clothing for retail and are seasonal. It’s amazing because each artist uses clothing as their canvases. Often times  fashion Designers design clothing for retail sale. Initially coming up with a theme or aesthetic and building the line around this idea.
While both careers are amazing and interesting with few similarities I wouldn’t trade Costume Designing in for the world !

Are there any fashion apps you can’t live without

Style.com is my absolute favourite app.

You’ve dressed so many celebrities on various shows from Queen Latifah to Oprah. What have been some of your favourite looks from the past?

Some of my favourites are the cast of my current show “Star”, Tom Cruise, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Jill Scott, Lil Wayne, Quincy just to name a few. My favourite look of all time thus far I’ll have to say is Tyler Perry on the Oscar Red Carpet.

sylvie oprah

Sylvia (center) with Oprah and Tyler Perry

What projects are you working on at the moment? I’m working on the FOX TV show “STAR”


What is the one tech item you can’t live without?  My iPhone

What is the one handbag you can’t live without?  My Chanel Boy and Celine Bags!

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What are the one pair of shoes you can’t live without? I work all the time so thoroughly enjoy my Nike Airmax Running shoes

What bargain do you wish you had snagged on U-Wantit: iPhone 7 and it sold for £3.42!