To a self-appointed fashion guru such as myself, my worse time of year is that 2 month period between spring and summer.
You see in the winter I live in thigh-high boots and leggings… In the summer sandals and sun dresses.
What happens when it’s TOO HOT for boots and TOO COLD for sandals?
Sundresses with boots?…Sandals with leggings?? Fashion faux pas if you ask me.
What to wear? What to wear? I took it upon myself to answer this question through taking a closer look at how I tackle ‘in-between’ seasonal outfits, particularly my amazing travel gear.

I embarked on a roadtrip from Chicago to Florida looking casually chic (as usual).  From cold weather to hot. An 18 hour road trip (I do not recommend you to do it in one day under any circumstances!)
As a frequent traveler my airport outfits are nothing if not the perfect mix of comfort and style. Naturally to me one of my ideal spring outfits are leggings and sneakers, a look which appears to be popular with none other than our reigning models – Queen Kendall, Hailey & Gigi

                                                                   LEGGINGS + TRAINERS= PERFECTION


Without a doubt this has to be my favourite in-between weather wear!
It’s a simple look that suits all shapes and sizes , perfectly interchangeable across seasons and easy to adopt under any budget. Once the weather gets nippy all one has to do is toss on a sweater or a colourful hoody and VOILA you’re good to go!

Now, If you aren’t a sneakers or leggings kind of girl and I’ve got the perfect spring to summer solution for a hustling boss lady such as yourself!

wait don’t go…

hear me out….

It’s not an old fashioned concept

I am of the opinion that this look can be sexy, serious and oh so feminine.


Ideal for those days you want to switch from work to drinks without much fuss.

Whether you love flats, heels, or even sneakers this will become a staple in your wardrobe (I just ordered one as I am writing this, hence why my editor will not be thrilled with me!!)

With these staples you should be fine in between the warm and cold seasons- a MUST-HAVE in any fashionistas wardrobe. Be sure to check out these styles at a BARGAIN with out Gift Cards on auction for less! The last £100 ASOS Gift Card sold for £1.39

Happy Bidding!