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Ah Sephora…I mean what’s not to love?
What woman does not like to be surrounded by rich creams, pretty colours, and hair styling products?
It’s basically Disneyland and so much more… A playground for makeup addicts and cosmetic lovers all round!



Every time I walk in I have a game plan! Get the eyebrow pencil and leave. Do not make eye contact with the lipstick.  Please lower your eyes around the naked palettes! At all costs do not smell any cute travel size perfume bottles!
Just get what you came for and leave. HA…Yea right.
With every visit I come out feeling renewed with a bag filled with products in hand and a smile on my face and here’s why…


6 Reasons We LOVE Sephora!

No.1 The Samples

As an impulse buyer, myself I love that I can go and stock up on samples and see whether or not I actually REALLY NEED that new shade of lipstick or a new scent to switch things up.

Sephora Eyes and Lips Collection

No. 2 The Friendly employees

I do not know any other store where I frolic around trying on all of the foundations available without getting dirty looks from the employees for not buying anything. Its smiles all round at Sephora with zero purchase pressure from the staff!

No. 3 Help!

For makeup virgins like myself I’m always pleased to receive a helping hand every time I need one. Sephora offers classes for smokey eye application and contouring…how AWESOME is that?αρχείο λήψης

No.4 Refunds Please

Sephora has a great refund policy. If for whatever reason you’re not 100% thrilled with your purchase Sephora allows the return with a full refund for any product (even the used ones!). I don’t know about you but that sure takes a load of my mind!

No.5 Their rejuvenating Hair and Body Products


Dry Bar (heavenly) shots!

Have you ever heard of their dry bar’s bay breeze hydrating shots? They are life changing you can take my word on it! Or maybe the new fad! ALL IN ONE OIL!


Josie Maran Argan Oil for Hair, Body and Face!

No.6 The cutest Hair accessories EVER!

You need an invisibobble for your hair! Don’t ask just buy one!
You will thank me later!


Personally, I have them in all the colours!

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