Yes yes we all know Valentine’s Day is merely a fabrication, a multimillion dollar industry invented by chocolatiers, florists and the Greeting card business promoting love and romance to all. Cards are exchanged, flowers are delivered and heart shaped candy is produced in abundance. Naturally the origins of this holiday have many confused as to how the jailing and ultimate beheading of Roman Priest St Valentine has anything to do with baby cupids, arrows and the celebration of ‘true love’. Historical inaccuracies aside we see nothing wrong with the celebration of love of ANY kind, be it celebrating loving your family, your friend and even yourself- Why the heck not?…especially if this love comes in the form of dainty jewelry, sexy lingerie or £100 Harrods Gift Card.

Share the L-O-V-E this V-day with a little help from our Gift Guide below!

the traditionalist


get sexy


Sweet Scents





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Happy Valentine’s Day