Tick-Tock Tick-Tock BOOM-the glorious moment when tech meets fashion!
Such is the the sound of the ingenious Apple Watch, the best thing to happen to wearable technology since Beats by Dre and the most dynamic accessory since well… EVER!
What launched this worldwide success? You may ask. Why have so many Apple critics fallen in love with this particular product?
It’s simple-This watch is worth the hype!
Apple has successfully tapped into the world of fashion through their sophisticated designs and cutting edge aesthetics, producing the Apple Watch that is just as beautiful as it is handy. (a rare commodity).
With Amazing new apps, Revamped iOS Software and Fun new accessories what’s not to love?

Stay interactive
Share-Compare-Compete with friends. Finally technology that promotes ACTIVITY. Apple has put in place a system that allows you to share your fitness routine keeping you moving and motivated with family and friends, competing with contacts battling to reach set targets! #gymlife
Keep on Rollin!
With this watch you are limitless! Apple have brilliantly optimised their activity app ensuring this watch is accessible for wheelchair users, taking into account the different pushing techniques for varying speeds and terrains. How cool is that?

Time Out
No pun intended! The Apple Watch actually encourages you to relax and breath. The newly installed Breathe App guides you through a series of Deep Breaths that helps you manage your daily stress moods, keeping you essentially stress free!
Monitor your heart rate when you’re done and use the Time To Breath reminders to fit in a session everyday.#relax

Stay Chic!
High Fashion meets High Tech-with the collaboration of Hermes & Apple. The gorgeous handcrafted elegant straps help incorporate a more upscale look switching up the minimal design of the Apple Watch. #fancy


Make it Your Own
Thanks to the bands available in a different colors, styles and materials you’re spoilt for choice. All it takes is a switch of a strap and you’ve got a brand new watch- One for every outfit #ootd

You see, the Apple Watch ain’t no hunk-a-junk. It gives you what you need right when you need it!- An all day assistant keeping you on trend and in style and in case you forgot…on time!

Tick-Tock it’s on auction-The last Apple Watch on U-Wantit was picked up for £1.00 so get an Apple Watch for a bargain today.

Happy Bidding!