‘Who isn’t totally geeking out about the release of the brand new PS4 Slim?
After years and years of the same ol’ thing we were more than happy to welcome a game changer for Sony’s best selling video game console. As someone who isn’t always a big fan of change I must admit I was skeptical at first. After all, why fix what isn’t broken? Nonetheless I was pleasantly surprised after seeing the brilliantly upgraded classic that is the PS4 Slim.

‘Out with the old…in with the new’ seems to be the modus operandi for gamers and video game enthusiasts alike and here’s why

Sleek & Slender design
Let’s be honest the heavy weight of this console’s predecessor wasn’t doing us any favors – Tubby had to hit the gym. Thanks to Sony’s re-design the new PS4 is substantially slimmer, lighter and easier on the eyes with the sleek matte finish, a welcome change from the two-tone gloss of the original.



You get the best of both worlds
While staying true to many of the original features Sony has been able to add a few twists to the mix. The PS4 Controllers have been revamped with the addition of a slither of light bar at the top of the touch pad conveniently showing you what’s going on without the inconvenience of having to flip the pad over. Neat right?


Cheap as Chips
Okay £227 isn’t exactly cheap but this console holds the record as one of the cheapest consoles till date! Now what’s not fantastic about that? If that’s not a reason to upgrade I don’t know what is!

Couples who game together stay together
Well…that’s just a fact!


We give this console 5 stars! While the features are undeniably similar to the original PS4 you can’t beat the cosmetic genius that comes with the new PS4 Slim- 30% smaller and 16% lighter c’mon it’s a no brainer! Well worth the upgrade

Kick off the weekend with a bang- Get your game face on and bid on a brand new PS4 Slim for a bargain today?

Happy Bidding!