Is there anything more exciting than a brand new tech toy?
The childlike anticipation was infectious on the MacBook Pro release date. We’d all seen the headlines Slimmer, Lighter, Faster, Stronger but we couldn’t wait to see if Apple once again lived up to the hype- short answer YES…they sure did. The pristine beauty that is the MacBook Pro is nothing less than pure genius.
Improving perfection is tough enough but Apple seems to have managed to do just that, delivering a slender piece of art with brand new and improved features as promised!

Scene from Confessions of a Shopaholic movie

Shopaholics gone wild



What’s with all the noise? You may ask, it’s only a laptop after all. Thanks to the visionary Steve Jobs, the Apple Brand and by extension the MacBook Pro has become so much more. What started out as a utilitarian device targeting nerds and workaholics alike has become a key component of the cool kid starter pack…a fashion statement of sorts…an essential tool for the modern man. So essential that not including ‘Apple literate’ on your CV could be all the difference in being considered for a job and not owning a MacBook at all? well…you can forget the job entirely.

It’s all about the Touch Bar
The new MacBook Pro comes with high performance processors and state of the art storage. The brilliant addition of the Touch Bar has now replaced the function keys allowing your computer to cater to your needs with helpful features such as emoji and predictive text at your fingertips.
Still on the fence? Time to hop off. With unbeatable graphics, a more responsive keyboard and speakers that speak for themselves the MacBook Pro is essentially the tool for every trade-The Dream Machine!

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Happy Bidding!