Nothing satisfies a fashionista more than making an entrance with the latest it-bag dangling happily from her arm. The bigger the better and no matter the weight, it must dangle just so with the all important logo visible to the discerning eye.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade , if you have any fashion instinct in you at all, you will know, that the handbag or as our American sisters call it the “purse”, is the single most important accessory  in our wardrobe (followed very closely by the shoe!). The ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ one can make or break a look. Believe me your dress may be too tight, too short, hair skanky, but if you step in with a crocodile Hermes Birkin bag dangling from your arm ….ALL sins will be forgiven!

A handbag is probably the biggest single fashion purchase we make at a given moment. Eye-wateringly expensive, carrying a designer bag is tantamount to having a large wodge of cash strapped to your arm, which by the looks of things is deemed by many, to be a very desirable prospect. In the Mwah! Mwah!  Social circles all presumptions about you easily begin and end with your bag!



All this bag status anxiety has led to a syndrome called the bag-boast. A common occurrence among the fashion elite, often done so subtly that you may not realize what’s afoot.  It usually happens where a few women are gathered in an informal group either at a luncheon or get together.  A late arrivée will walk in, approach the group and before she says her “Hello’s”,  whomph !  the first thing she does is Plonk her big fat overweight, oversized designer bag, bang in the middle of the coffee table hitherto which had substituted for a hearth around which you had all gathered to make polite conversation. Of course all eyes are drawn to the bag, the extravagant expense of, this-seasons-newness of, which announces to the gathering that this person is not to be ignored. She has money (fresh in-your- face new money) , she’s current, she’s fashionable, she knows what’s going on! Yeah I know you’re thinking how shallow. Maybe, but people never fail to be impressed. I observe it time and time again.

Not too long ago handbags were not considered such objects of desire. When one went out to lunch or dinner, one’s bag was placed demurely and unobtrusively by one’s feet or slung nonchalantly on the back of one’s chair. Now when one dines at better restaurants, the moment one is seated the waiter will unctuously bring a small trolley to place your handbag so that it too may be seated at table!  Well I’ll leave you to make of that what you will…

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