I remember Marc Jacobs saying somewhere, that if you only have money to buy one thing, buy a dress, at least you’ll be dressed! Good point, but really how far can one dress take you? I would say, if you only had money to buy one look this season, buy a coat.  A coat in season sets the whole tone of your look and keeps you on trend. More people see you in your coat than anything else you will wear. Waiting for a bus, catching a train walking to work, going for drinks, dinner, theatre, whatever – you are wearing your coat. Everybody notices the girl or guy in this seasons’ coat and when the coat is so on point who knows what’s underneath it? A beautiful coat covers all sins, a great coat makes you stand out and if you’re clever you may never have to take it off. When asked “Can I take your coat?” just say “it’s a bit too chilly for me I’m leaving it on for now”.

Check out this seasons must-haves  in the U-Wantit coat edit

Womenswear essential coats





menswear essential coats







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