We can all agree Burberry rules the trench
When one thinks of the ideal Fall Coat The Burberry Trench springs to mind, I mean let’s face it no good wardrobe is complete without one.
“What’s in a name?” A lot more than you’d think. It may surprise you that the celebrated trench coat we’ve all come to love was a result of the modernizing of Military uniforms for the British  back in WWI, hence the trench, as in trenches…trench warfare duh!
The flexible, weather resistant material allowed for easy mobility and protection against the harsh conditions whilst the classic beige helped blend the troops in with the landscape keeping them hidden from the enemy. Ironically putting together one of the world’s most coveted coats had little to do with fashion and more to do with practicalities.

Despite its humble beginnings the trench rose to stardom in the iconic ending scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1961 and has since remained a symbol of chic, clean dressing, a Must-Have in any everyone’s wardrobe.

Breakfast at Tiffany's.gif 1
With over 100 years to its name why has this coat stayed current after all this time?

1.They go with everything!
The Trench Coat works with all styles, dressed up in heels, dressed down in flats, this coat works for everyone



2. Perfect for transitional weather
The perfect coat for those ‘bipolar weather’ days when its cold-ish but not quite winter, the trench is the go-to accessory to see you through the early days of autumn.

3. A little something for every body
The trench is the coat of many colours shapes and sizes!


4. Easy Style for the laid back fashionista
This simple, elegant jacket adds a touch of glamour to every outfit giving you that effortless style we all crave

trench Gif

5. Cheap  Chic
They’re so many versions of the Classic Trench from designer brands to the high street you’re spoiled for choice!



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Happy Fashion Week!