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Say Hello to a Fresh Face hot off the  NYFW runway Kalisha Hall.
Debuting her luxury women’s wear collection Versus SS17, inspiring us with her promotion of self-love & individuality conveying her powerful message through her modern fabrics and bold designs signature to her fashion line K.Rashae.

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First impressions
Snap, Crackle & Pop! This line screams #GirlPower from the abandonment of the stereotypical ‘feminine’ attire to the strong message of confidence and acceptance evident on her pieces.

Versus, the name of the collection exposes you to the inner struggle of Woman v Herself shedding light on the constant battle women face to maintain a strong and beautiful persona for others neglecting a duty to love themselves first.



Her heavy use of chiffon is apparent in her key pieces paired with sturdier materials such as cotton and nylon displaying the dual sides of the female persona, the tough exterior as well as the softer vulnerable side she hides from the world.

‘Fearless’ appeared to be the theme for this show with the model’s hair tightly plaited in bold braids, hands bound for boxing and fingers adorned with knuckle dusters as if ready to put up a fight or take a punch!  Her designs transformed dainty models into Gladiators prepared for battle on the runway.

Can you imagine? No need see for yourself >>

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