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Downside Men’s Spring/Summer 017 Fashion Week is over…Upside we’ve got the trends from the streets!

For the love of Denim!

The golden oldie that is Denim was a definite fashion favourite so I’d think twice before chucking your 5 year old denim jacket from the Gap if I were you. The streets of Milan, New York, London & Paris were virtually painted blue seeing the popular material in different shapes and sizes faded, distressed, patched up and even graffitied.


denim collage

The new classic

Its looking like the Bomber jacket is here to stay! It’s been more than a year since the bomber jacket made its comeback into the hearts and wardrobes of the cool kid crowd even after several seasons its still going strong gradually becoming a ‘Must-Have’ staple item. While the army green is pretty much owned by everyone this jacket style was seen in more elaborate versions on the streets of this Fashion Week. Spotted in traditional African accents, Softer luxurious blends of wool, Wacky Neon Gold and detailed floral embroidery this jacket is beloved by everyone!


Bomber collage

Go Crazy!

If we’ve learnt anything this season it’s this, getting a little wild with prints is definitely not a bad thing. Men were fearless sporting bold prints on their beautifully styled¬†sartorial shirts, neon caftans, bright floral sweaters & vintage T’s.

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